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Garbage Gaming - Mortal Kombat (SNES) by PRStorm Garbage Gaming - Mortal Kombat (SNES) :iconprstorm:PRStorm 4 6
Loud Sins: Driving Miss Hazy
Everything Wrong With
In 2200 Words or Less

Spoilers! (duh)
Lily: "Poo-poo!"
Lily sums up what we're about to get ourselves into.
So what's going on in this title card image, anyway? Is Lincoln running to stop Leni from getting into an accident, or is he in the back seat worried about what mistake she's about to make?
Lincoln: "Come on, Lori, this is a lot of laundry! I don't think it's worth it."
Uh... actually, that's a pretty fair amount of laundry you've got there. Are you just a wimp or something?
Lori: "Those are just my jeggings!"
That we never see you wear.
Also, are you sure those are a pile of jeggings? Because they look like more like a pile of 80s vomit.
When do we ever see you wearing a blue T-shirt, Lori? Most of the outfits you wear are those slippers, the brown cargo shorts, and the blue tank top
:iconprstorm:PRStorm 13 19
Lynn Loud - 1970s AU by PRStorm Lynn Loud - 1970s AU :iconprstorm:PRStorm 32 21
Regular Show - Entire Series Scorecard
The Power: B-
Just Set Up the Chairs: A-
Caffeinated Concert Tickets: B
Death Punchies: A+
Free Cake: C
Meat Your Maker: A
Grilled Cheese Deluxe: D-
The Unicorns Have Got to Go: D+
Prank Callers: A-
Don: A+
Rigby's Body: 
:iconprstorm:PRStorm 9 2
Luna Loud and Sam - 1970s AU by PRStorm Luna Loud and Sam - 1970s AU :iconprstorm:PRStorm 33 18 Loud House Controversy Meme (Phoenix's Version) by PRStorm Loud House Controversy Meme (Phoenix's Version) :iconprstorm:PRStorm 13 11
Loud Sins: Making the Case
Everything Wrong With
In 1900 Words or Less

Spoilers! (duh)
Lana not having a trophy.
Also, who won the trophies in the top-center spot? Lynn? Since she has two spots in the case, I'd assume that big one is her award for 'Biggest Ego'. Then again, Luna also has two spots in the case. So... maybe the big one is for her being the fanboys' favorite sister?
Lincoln: "My sisters have done some pretty impressive stuff to get in here."
Except for Lori, Leni, Luan, Lucy and Lana.
'Kicks A+'. Yeah, that innuendo's about as subtle as anything in Rocko's Modern Life.
Lisa's not old enough to win the actual Nobel Prize.
There is apparently such a thing as a 'Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Thumb Sucking'... *laugh* How about a Lifetime Achievement Award for Diaper Soiling?
Segment ham
:iconprstorm:PRStorm 21 12
Garbage Gaming - Buzz Lightyear of Star Command by PRStorm Garbage Gaming - Buzz Lightyear of Star Command :iconprstorm:PRStorm 4 6 Luan Loud - 1970s AU by PRStorm Luan Loud - 1970s AU :iconprstorm:PRStorm 23 9 Michigan J. Hops 2 by PRStorm Michigan J. Hops 2 :iconprstorm:PRStorm 37 20 Garbage Gaming - Awesome Possum by PRStorm Garbage Gaming - Awesome Possum :iconprstorm:PRStorm 6 2
Loud Sins: Heavy Meddle (feat. AstonLevy)
Everything Wrong With

In 2500 Words or Less

Featuring Special Guest AstonLevy

Spoilers! (duh)
As will be usual for A-segments, 38 seconds of intro and title card.
The title card shows Lincoln with a "kick me" sign and people laughing at him... creating a pretty fitting tone for an episode all about being abused.
    - AL

Lincoln has a poster for Jaws 3 on the wall of his locker.
And below that, a random bandage for some reason.
White outlines around the paper on the floor.
Also, why are those pencils floating in mid-air? How are they floating in mid-air?!
Some of those hands pointing at Lincoln look like the hands of teachers! Do the teachers of Royal Woods Elementary make fun of students who get bullied?! This s
:iconprstorm:PRStorm 19 11
Lovely Live-Action - Pleasantville by PRStorm Lovely Live-Action - Pleasantville :iconprstorm:PRStorm 9 4
Loud Sins: Get the Message
Everything Wrong With
In 2100 Words or Less
Spoilers! (duh)
Segment thinks the sound effects from modern video games are 8Bit sounds, despite coming over a quarter-century after the 8Bit era.
Lincoln: "Feel my twerk, you evil jerk!"
Twerking as a control in a video game. Twerking ANYWHERE.
Also, the segment actually refers to the act of shaking one's butt as 'twerking'?! That's it! I'm adding 10 sins for acknowledging twerking by name!
Lincoln's virtual reality helmet is apparently some kind of a fusion of the Oculus Rift and the Kinect, using his body as the controller. Because... apparently those exist.
Not only does Lincoln never walk into a wall a single time during his session with the VR headset...
...but he actually manages to get up the stairs, not only without tripping, but with dance moves that should pro
:iconprstorm:PRStorm 19 14
Loud Sins: Left in the Dark
Everything Wrong With

In 1900 Words or Less

Spoilers! (duh)
38 seconds of intro and title card.
Lily: "Poo-poo!"
Every single episode is going to begin with this poop joke in the intro.

Writer credit bubble doesn't have the room to write Karla Sakas Shropshire's full name.
Hunter: "Hunter Spector, Spectre Hunter!"
Hunter Spector either gave himself that name because he's a narcissist too proud of his career, or he was forced to choose spectre hunter as a career path because of his name. Either way, that name is fucking stupid.

Hunter: "Academy of Really Good Ghost Hunters. Or, ARGGH!"
Some writer actually came up with a backronym for 'ARGGH!'. I suppose they can also come up with backronyms for other exclamations, like 'UGH!' or 'GAH!'

Hunter: "Don't miss
:iconprstorm:PRStorm 30 30
Garbage Gaming - Action 52 by PRStorm Garbage Gaming - Action 52 :iconprstorm:PRStorm 12 22


Widescreen / 16:9 / 1920*1080
I do art commissions for anyone willing to spend the points to see me draw something for them. I'm open to almost any idea, however, I do have five guidelines for every commission:

1) This is ONLY for art. Not for Blue Blogs or Phoenix Reviews.
2) I refuse to draw anything overly pornographic or defamatory. Yes, I do have that drawing of Nicole Watterson with her breasts exposed, but that's as far as I'm willing to go when it comes to sexual content.
3) Do NOT give me an unreasonable deadline to finish the commission. I will work at my own pace.
4) Consider how much space I'm gonna need, and what I can fit into a 16:9 image and a 4:3 image. There's a reason I drew "Burning Secret - Off to the Country Club" in 16:9.
5) I will only do two commissions at a time, for now. If you want to know if commissions are closed, check the bullets below.


This is the option for commissions in 16:9, aka widescreen aspect ratio. You know, like the iPhone and modern televisions. 250 points each.
Fullscreen / 4:3 / 1440*1080
This is the option for artwork in 4:3, aka fullscreen aspect ratio. You know, like the iPad, and old TVs. 100 points each.


COMMISSION 1: :bulletred: CLOSED :bulletred: (FULLSCREEN: Mr. Grouse as Eggman)
COMMISSION 2: :bulletgreen: OPEN :bulletgreen:


UnpopularToaster and Depression don't go together
I don't know what I'd do without to fond memories of playing some childhood games. Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, Pikmin 2, Luigi's Mansion, Brawl, and many others. These things were the things that gave me courage to find me path to success. I wanted to expand my avenue with the many Nintendo characters and tracks to help me overcome all the weaknesses I've had. I hoped that one day could make a video game that would get published as a Nintendo title.
But, alas, there lay but one roadblock: My father. He thinks that video games will 'Rot the Brain'. At first, he loved seeing me playing with my brother and sometimes even joined in. I was very happy.
But... my 13th birthday came around... he changed. Drama happened with my brother and he started seeing my grades significantly drop. He came with the solution that the video games were the victims. He responded with the most devious action: Selling all of my consoles...
Now all I have is my Wii
:iconunpopulartoaster:UnpopularToaster 2 6
Body slam by darrenrosario Body slam :icondarrenrosario:darrenrosario 13 0 tying her hair by DaveDwantaraC tying her hair :icondavedwantarac:DaveDwantaraC 56 9 P A I N by Mintaka-TK P A I N :iconmintaka-tk:Mintaka-TK 56 16 To Be Fair, I'm Sick of All the Arguments... by Mintaka-TK To Be Fair, I'm Sick of All the Arguments... :iconmintaka-tk:Mintaka-TK 23 3 Random by Trexe13 Random :icontrexe13:Trexe13 17 10 Luan Loud by JazzyJulie Luan Loud :iconjazzyjulie:JazzyJulie 22 2
A Satire XI: Winter Wrap-Up
**DISCLAIMER** This is solely a...oh who am I kidding? We all hate PatVet around here, I'm not gonna say shit about not spamming him. 
LOCATION: dA Court of Justice
DATE: 9-21-17
TIME: 15:08
(the scene opens up in a massive courtroom. The 12 jurors consist of AstonLevy, BlueRockShooter109, DigiCartoonist99, MightySilverWolf, PowerpuffPony1, PRStorm, RaccoonBro, rushfan2596, TheCrimsonMayhem, ThePrinceofDA-Land, UnpopularToaster, and VimmyVim. The public and media sit down in their designated spots until two distinct figures walked into the courtroom. Instantly, they were flooded with questions and camera flashes)
Reporter 1: Mr. PatVet? How do you respond to the claims that you're the worst deviant to ever defile the website of Deviantart?
Reporter 2: PatVet? What compelled you to join a site where you hate everyone in the first place?
Reporter 3: PatVet, sir! Can you tell me if you're the actual PatVet and not an impostor?
Reporter 4: PatVet, are you and Bigb
:iconmikethehuman113:MikeTheHuman113 15 397
It Might Be You by KrDoz It Might Be You :iconkrdoz:KrDoz 45 12 Steven's Concert Redone by Finnjr63 Steven's Concert Redone :iconfinnjr63:Finnjr63 258 129 Come with me... by Parasomnico Come with me... :iconparasomnico:Parasomnico 92 19 A Tattler's Tale Promo (homage) by AnimationFan15 A Tattler's Tale Promo (homage) :iconanimationfan15:AnimationFan15 48 7 5 Athletic Girls 10 Stinky Feet by Kabutopsthebadd 5 Athletic Girls 10 Stinky Feet :iconkabutopsthebadd:Kabutopsthebadd 18 141
The Loud House: Yes Man (Epilogue)
(Lincoln gets ready for bed.)
Lincoln (to the readers): "What a night that was! I got to sing with Smooch! And I have my sisters to thank. Yeah, I definitely went overboard with the whole persuading towards my parents, but what can I say? I'm the master of convincing."
(door knock)
Lincoln: "It's open."
Luna: "Hey bro, did you like it?"
Lincoln: "I sure did! It was rockin!"
Luna: "Sweet!"
Lincoln: "You know. It's funny."
Luna: "What's funny, dude?"
Lincoln: "If you hadn't barged into my room, I would have gone to the concert, but...I probably wouldn't have enjoyed it as much. Maybe I might have enjoyed it, but what you guys did...was so much better."
Luna: "I just wanted to make you happy by writing you the song and convincing Smooch to join in."
Lincoln: "Wait, I thought all of you did this together. Are you saying-"
Luna: "Yep. This was my idea. After you helped me convince the 'rents to get Mick Swagger's shirt, I couldn't be anymore thankful for you. After I sa
:iconktblade91:KTBlade91 19 6
Not My Passion by Febriananda Not My Passion :iconfebriananda:Febriananda 52 6 I got an F??? by darrenrosario I got an F??? :icondarrenrosario:darrenrosario 23 6



I decided to rewatch No Laughing Matter to see if I went too hard on it in my Blue Blog entry. And... opinion on it hasn't changed in the slightest. In fact, here's some legitimate criticisms I have to make, that I forgot to bring up in my Blue Blog entry.

How does Luan not realize that her siblings don't find her funny? Is she deaf to her siblings' groans or just ignores them completely? Her siblings have groaned at her jokes since the very beginning, and are actually afraid of her pranks, especially on April Fools' Day. And yet we're supposed to feel bad for her, when it finally hits her, that her family doesn't find her funny.

That, and the segment didn't give us any good reason for us to feel bad for Luan. We didn't get a glimpse into why comedy is so important to her like we did with Luna and rock music in For Bros About to Rock and Lana and animals in Frog Wild. We didn't even get Luan reflecting on every bad joke she told, and every dangerous prank she pulled. All we got, was her feelings getting hurt when she finally takes note of what her siblings think of her. The segment's not about the siblings trying to get Luan back into comedy because they know how much it means to her, it's about them trying to get her back into comedy because they want to see her perform.

Yeah. It's a dud. Luan doesn't get developed here at all. This segment's job was to develop her like Funny Business did, but it didn't. I hate to say this, but Lynn's back to being my favorite older Loud. Oh yeah, and No Laughing Matter sucks.

My 1970s Leni Loud illustration is currently on Twitter. I'll upload it here tomorrow.
Trusting people is hard for me. But I guess I can try.
Note to my watchers: complaining about one small clip not being used in the trailers for a movie, is a really petty complaint to make. Especially if that complaint is about an extra.

To whoever did this: We get it. You probably did not have friends in kindergarten but do not drag your whiny attitude towards others better yet make it law. Because as of this moment you are the biggest pussy I ever met.
389 deviations
Sorry I couldn't get into Wonder Woman. I feel bad I couldn't enjoy the movie like everyone else did, and now I'm worried that the DC fans are gonna destroy me, since they hate any critic that talks negatively about the DCEU. At least my friends who aren't all into DC still respect me, though. So... yay?

And sorry I lashed out earlier. I just hate it when I can't enjoy movies that everyone else does. You think I like thinking Shrek 2 sucks? 'cause I don't.
This live-tweet was a mistake...
You know what? I'm not fit to watch this movie. I have trouble not liking a movie when everyone else does. Watching this movie was a bad idea.
...I think I need to cancel the live-tweet.
...I... I need help with my anger issues.
Okay, look, I don't have a problem with people liking movies I don't. I just don't like it when people overhype stuff. It kills the enjoyment I could've had from a movie.
Halfway through Wonder Woman...

Alright. Gonna watch Wonder Woman now, if the FireStick will let me. Please, movie... please do not be an overhyped pile of trite.

Oh yeah, and join me on Twitter for the live-tweet. Hopefully the battery on my iPod touch will last the next 2 1/2 hours.
Oh, and happy first day of autumn!
You can always hate maturely, though. I'm guilty of having hate boners myself. But I always realize when I go too far with them. AniMat doesn't.


With that said, though, I agree with TunesLooney. Let's not let this AniMat hatred out of hand.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying hate boners are good things at all. In fact, they're huge obstacles for any critic. But in my experience, everyone has at least one.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


PRStorm's Profile Picture
Phoenix Rainier Storm
Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
United States

I review stuff. And occasionally draw stuff.

There are four forms of animation: 2D (either hand-drawn or Flash), CGI, stop motion and puppetry.

It is not a crime to have a minority opinion. In fact, any minority opinion you have on anything, shows that you have an interesting way of looking at something in a way no one else did.

P.R. Storm's Personality Type Results

*yawn* Alright, let's get this over with. No Laughing Matter.

Out of all the segments to air this week, this was the one I was looking forward to the most. Key word, was. But after sitting through three amazing segments in a row, one of which is my new favorite segment of the entire series, I realized that this segment had quite a high bar to clear, and that, combined with some of the GIFs I saw of it, left me having doubts about it. I was worried that this segment would break the good streak this show has been having, and leave us with a segment as rancid as Brawl in the Family, or glob forbid, that piece of shit about roommate swapping. So how did it end up? Did it end up meeting my original expectations, or did this bomb end up going out on a sour note?

[looks up writer]
Ks by PRStorm

Hmm... I have an idea for this! Ahem...

[trailer narrator voice]
From Kevin Sullivan, the experimental writer who brought you as many great stories of the Loud family (Overnight SuccessHouse Music, 11 Louds a Leapin', Frog WildL is For Love) as he has stories we're still waiting for him to apologize for (The Waiting GameOne of the Boys, Brawl in the Family, Vantastic Voyage, Health Kicked), comes a segment sure to leave you thinking, 'eh, that was alright. Mostly unpleasant, though'.

Witness, as Luan spends the first minute of the segment, making bad joke after bad joke at the expense of her siblings, as she tries to invite them to a junior's night at a comedy club. You'll be just as annoyed as the Loud kids, as this part drags with how repetitive it gets. But because Sullivan loved this part so much, he makes you sit through these exact scenarios again, in the exact same order, after Luan gives up comedy after she learns her siblings don't like her jokes, and falls into depression. Because that's what comedians do when they find out their critics don't find them funny, right?

Be amazed, as Luan reveals herself to be an unlikable sad-sack without her jokes. It's like Kevin Sullivan thinks that Luan can't act like a normal human being if she isn't funny. She has to deliver every single line in the most dry, bitter way imaginable, all while her siblings try to get the old Luan back, as the segment struggles to balance a tone that perfectly balances comedic and heart-felt.

You'll laugh, not at Luan, but at the one cute moment in the segment, which you will struggle to call a funny moment, since it's just the same money sandwich joke from It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud House, except told by Lana this time. But that's not the only reused joke here! They also reuse the 'lettuce was ahead' joke from Overnight Success, as if you wouldn't notice that this segment is reusing jokes more blatantly than Hanna-Barbera reuses animation.

The only saving grace you'll find here, is that third act at the comedy club, where the siblings are able to get Luan back into comedy, by offending her with the image of Lincoln failing at telling jokes. You'll still find the rest of the segment to be lackluster, but this moment will be good and heartwarming enough, for you to say, 'this segment was meh'.

Luan Loud stars in... No Laughing Matter. Rated M for mediocre.

[back in normal voice]


C by PRStorm

That'll be it for tonight's Blue Blog entry. Next time, I'll try to get out my entries on the DuckTales pilot and the first three episodes of BoJack season 4, that I've procrastinated on for so long. Until next time, this is Phoenix Rainier Storm, signing off.
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