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I've decided to do art commissions for 250 points each. If you have enough points, and an idea for art you would like to see from me, send me a PM about it, and we'll discuss the details from there. But before you send me an idea, four guidelines:

1) This is ONLY for art. Not for Blue Blogs or Phoenix Reviews.
2) I refuse to draw anything pornographic or defamatory.
3) Do NOT give me an unreasonable deadline to finish the commission. I will work at my own pace.
4) I will only do two commissions at a time, for now. If you want to know if commissions are closed, check the bullets below.

So, as long as the art follows those guidelines, and as long as you got the points, I'm open to any idea you've got.


COMMISSION 1: :bulletred: CLOSED :bulletred: (Smart Leni & jealous Lisa)
COMMISSION 2: :bulletgreen: OPEN :bulletgreen: 


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You know, I just realized something. I never posted a list of my top 10 least favorite Loud House segments.

Good thing I already have one made.
Although Order of the Phoenix is my favorite of the Harry Potter movies (that I've seen), I think Prisoner of Azkaban is the best-looking.
"Oh, shut up about Brawl in the Family and No Such Luck, you Loud House fantard SJW! You're worse than PhantomStrider!"
    - An imagined comment on my last status update from a certain troll you may know about
Just a reminder, PR#21 will be a comparison between Brawl in the Family and No Such Luck, explaining why the former really is as terrible as everyone says it is, and the latter is better than everyone makes it out to be. And after that, I'll start working on PR#22 (The Secret of NIMH) and EEoTSS2BR.
I fucking hate being on the autism spectrum. Autism is responsible for every bad thing that has ever happened in my life. Had I not had autism, I would've had real friends in school. And it would've taken four years to graduate from high school, instead of five.

I'm sure some of my autistic watchers have had a more positive experience with being on the spectrum, but for me, it's mostly only made life a hell of a lot harder than it should've been.
I know this sounds weird to ask, but... where is everyone?
The Sega Genesis game, Fatal Labyrinth, is a major guilty pleasure for me. It's not a good game by any means, but for some reason, I enjoy playing it.
Kanye West, the greatest comedian of the 21st century.
"It's in my code. It's in my code. Have y'all ever seen Wreck-it Ralph? Remember-you remember how that girl in there-the people that was racing-yeah she was the glitch. You telling me people don't look at me like I'm the motherfucking glitch? You telling me people don't look at Kanye West like the glitch? Right now? And she was on the side of the video game the whole time. It's in my code. It's in my code." - Kanye West

Yes, this actually happened and no it's not a joke.
I'm hearing some pretty nasty things about the new MLPFIM. What'd I miss? What happened?
I forgot to say, I downloaded the HD version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for the iPad earlier. So far, while it's not broken or glitched like Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis... as someone that's played the original Genesis version (and various console ports) all my life, the controls are gonna take a lot of getting used to. I actually failed the second special stage on the HD version a few times, something I have no problem beating on consoles.
Note to my watchers: Don't assume everyone has watched whatever show you're talking about, ESPECIALLY if one of your watchers has said they're getting caught up with the show. You might end up dropping a major spoiler, and effectively ruin the show for that person.
You know, it just hit me... if Mega Man is the Blue Bomber, is Proto Man the Red Rocker?
In case you're wondering about me watching Adventure Time's Elements, I've currently watched the first half of it. And I saw the snail during part 4.


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I review stuff. And occasionally draw stuff.

There are four forms of animation: 2D (either hand-drawn or Flash), CGI, stop motion and puppetry.

It is not a crime to have a minority opinion. In fact, any minority opinion you have on anything, shows that you have an interesting way of looking at something in a way no one else did.

P.R. Storm's Personality Type Results

Okay, so... Adventure Time is apparently still a thing. I thought Cartoon Network cared too much about Teen Titans Go to even bother with their former most popular show. But apparently they still give a fuck about their show. That, or they just decided to air a new miniseries of the show this week because... they could. Either way, they're airing a new miniseries this week, and it's called Elements.

I haven't watched a new episode of Adventure Time since like season five. And I don't know anyone else that's been keeping up with the show lately, either. Not because the show sucks nowadays, but because it... hardly ever airs anymore. It seems to only air when it has a new episode to air. Other than that, it's mostly nothing but reruns of Toddler Titans, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and Ben 10, 14 hours a day. And even when it does air a new episode... it mostly goes unannounced. I myself didn't even know about this Elements miniseries until seconds before it aired. Literally. I didn't know about it until it aired a bumper saying it was on next... before the first episode started immediately after.

Not a good move, Cartoon Network. Not a good move. #GetInThePresentTimeWarner

Anyways, I decided to watch these first two episodes, because... well, why not? I don't want to be known only as a guy who makes Loud House-related stuff. And... well, let's talk about them. It's unlikely anyone else will, after all.

So, in this miniseries, Finn, Jake and BMO return to Ooo after the events of the previous miniseries, Islands (which I didn't see), only to discover that things have changed drastically when they were gone. In the first episode, Skyhooks, they find that the entire Candy Kingdom has been turned to candy. The castles, the forests, the inhabitants, their own tree house, everything. We see candy versions of Neptr, a gummy worm version of Shelby, a pink version of Lemongrab that makes pink lemonade, candy versions of Tree Trunks and Pig, and a marshmallow version of Marceline, called... 'Marshmeline' or something like that. About the only thing that isn't candy is Sweet P (the humanoid toddler version of the Lich), but even Tree Trunks and Pig try to coat him in caramel, so he can be 'normal'. I did like the designs on the candy versions of the characters (especially marshmallow Marceline), but some other designs are... less good. The whole Candy Kingdom being pink I can forgive, considering there is a reason for it (which I'll get to in a moment), but the design of the castle... it reminded me of that old VHS cover for The Little Mermaid. You know which one I mean. And if you see what it looks like here, you'll see what I'm talking about.

It turns out that Princess Bubblegum (so refreshing to hear Hynden Walch's voice in something other than Teen Titans Go, by the way), being the 'candy elemental', has now taken up a quarter of Ooo, and attempts to turn Finn, Jake and BMO into candy as well. Finn and Jake escape via a 'skyhook' thrown down to them by the Ice King (who himself has avoided being turned to candy by hanging out on the clouds), but BMO gets turned into a gummy version of itself, that spits out... something that looks like Mike and Ikes.

Part 2 is called Bespoken For, where we find out that Ooo has been taken over by the four elementals, Bubblegum (candy), Flame Princess (fire), Slime Princess (slime) and some character I haven't seen before called Patience St. Pim (ice). This is a flashback episode, told by Ice King, detailing how Ooo got to its current state. Well... sort of. It mostly focuses on a date between Ice King and Betty, which ends up going south. Nothing much of substance happens in this part of the episode. Most I can say for it is... that scene with Ice King and Betty playing with the birds is cute.

The stuff with Patience, what little there was, was more interesting, though. She freezes Betty, leading to a pretty funny line from the Ice King ("Where did the weird lady go?"), we see her power up her 'magic battery' for her elemental purification spell, and she commands PB, FP and SP (hey, if this show can use abbreviations for its characters, so can I) to blast Ice King when she catches him eavesdropping on the performance of the purification spell.

And Ice King ends his flashback with another funny line ("I grabbed as many penguins as I could. One.").

So far... I find this miniseries okay. The first part was okay, and the second part was meh. I don't know if I'll be watching this miniseries to the end, but... it's definitely better than I've come to expect from Adventure Time's recent seasons. It's good to see Cartoon Network airing something other than generic, manufactured garbage for once, though.

And that's it for tonight's Blue Blog. Until next time, this is Phoenix Rainier Storm, signing off.
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