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I've decided to put links to all my Blue Blog entries in one deviation, for easy access. Dig in!
Sort-of Pilot: 11 Louds a Leapin'
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I've decided to do art commissions for 250 points each. If you have enough points, and an idea for art you would like to see from me, send me a PM about it, and we'll discuss the details from there. But before you send me an idea, four guidelines:

1) This is ONLY for art. Not for Blue Blogs or Phoenix Reviews.
2) I refuse to draw anything pornographic or defamatory.
3) Do NOT give me an unreasonable deadline to finish the commission. I will work at my own pace.
4) I will only do two commissions at a time, for now. If you want to know if commissions are closed, check the bullets below.

So, as long as the art follows those guidelines, and as long as you got the points, I'm open to any idea you've got.


COMMISSION 1: :bulletgreen: OPEN :bulletgreen:
COMMISSION 2: :bulletgreen: OPEN :bulletgreen: 


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Captain Underpants Review
Before I get to this film, I should talk about what I think of the original books. While I sadly haven't read all of them, I have read a good chunk of them, and I like to deem them as the ultimate "never judge a book by its cover" book series. Captain Underpants, just from the title, sounds like the stupidest thing ever created by human beings. And to be fair, even the books kind of play it up like that. But what made them so much fun for me and my best friend at school to read was that, for lack of a better phrase, they knew what they were. They recognized that their premise is ridiculous, they recognized that they are meant for kids, and they recognized that they have a lot of toilet humor, and they just go all out with it. They take the premise and really have a lot of fun with it, no matter how much it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.
That being said, though, that doesn't mean there isn't some level of intelligence to them, because much like Lemony Snicket's books, it t
:iconpowerpuffpony1:PowerpuffPony1 7 5
Without A Leg To Stand On by eagc7 Without A Leg To Stand On :iconeagc7:eagc7 57 39


Aaaaand this is the most awesome Loud House meme I've ever seen.
What is megaman?
Lana: A super fighting robot fighting to save the world!

You're damn right lana!… (I never get tried of this reaction)

original template can found in the description of this submission by one :iconfunnytime77:…
Am I the only one who's noticed that Clyde has never shown that he's attracted to Lori since Shell Shock? It's almost as if he found out that he's more fit for Penelope.
So basically that line in Driving Miss Hazy was a Chekhov's gun for Brawl in the Family. First of all, I don't know how to feel about that. Second...

...I need to make a Chekhov's gun page on TV Tropes for The Loud House.
Well, now that Patrick seems to be gone, I'd like to defend a common point of criticism against Brawl in the Family, namely the fact that the whole feud started over a dress.

First of all, it's a common cliche in fiction that girls, especially teenage girls, are very petty and get into arguments over things as inconsequential as wearing the same outfit.  Lori and Leni were just playing into that cliche.

Now, some of you may try to counter that with the fact that the Loud House should know better than to play into gender cliches like that; after all, isn't that why One of the Boys is so panned?  Well, that brings me to the second point: there's actually a precedent for this in the show itself.  At the end of Driving Miss Hazy, Lincoln explains the concept of sabotage to Leni by saying that it's like if Lori bought the same dress that she knew she wanted, and Leni was mortified by this.  So it makes sense for the two of them to be at each others throats when it happened for real.

I'm not saying that this justifies everything else in the episode; all I'm saying is that, in the context of the show itself, the catalyst for the fight makes sense.
Patrickveteranplz2 deactivated.

Guys, will you stop saying this is the worst fanfic ever? I actually read it, and it's not completely terrible. It's unpleasant, yes, but not abysmal. Maybe you guys should actually READ IT before you state your opinion on it.

God, some people have never read My Immortal. Or Dipper Goes to Taco Bell. Or Fifty Shades of Grey.
This is it. The worst. The absolute WORST "Loud House" fanfiction I have ever read in my entire life! Just take everything that doesn't work in "No Such Luck," "Sleuth or Consequences," and "The Green House," and mix in some extra elements that are just insulting and uncomfortable to be associated with such a good show and this is what you get!…
But seriously... what was with that screaming cockatoo in Citizen Kane?

(skip towards the end)
Popular opinion: This is the one good Transformers movie. But let's be honest, Orson Welles could make anything awesome.

Now that I think of it, I will never be as bad as Bigbuny. I'm too smart to think of those nicknames he comes up with. The stupidest-sounding insult I could come up with for myself, was "PeeFartStorm". He's called me "Plowing&RammingAStormOfGuys" and "PussyRepellantStorm".

So yeah. I'll never be as bad as Bigbuny. I can't believe I ever thought I would. He's like The Drawn Together Movie: tries desperately to piss you off by coming up with excessively vulgar and sexual stuff, but everything it tries just comes off as pathetic and sad.
You know what's one thing I hate about music? When a single part of the song becomes so well-known, it overshadows the rest of it. Examples include the guitar riff from Deep Purple's "Smoke on the Water" and the sax solo from Gerry Rafferty's "Baker Street".
...oh, look at that, Clyde's fathers also have their own Wikipedia article!…
L is For Love: the first Loud House episode to get its own Wikipedia article.

No, seriously. Here it is.
How to deal with mistakes:
"Whoops, I screwed up. My bad."

How NOT to deal with mistakes:
"Oh no, I screwed up again! My reputation is ruined!"
...I think I lost PPP1 as a friend.

Goddammit, why couldn't I keep my mouth shut about that show?! Now I'm probably no better than Bigbuny to him. All because I had too passionate of an opinion on a harmless kids' show, and couldn't be careful about what I said, no matter how hard I tried. I guess my hashtag really was right.


...if you guys want to unwatch me, go ahead. I've proven myself unfit to talk about this show without unintentionally offending anyone.…

*sigh* You know what? I think it's best I don't talk about MLPFIM anymore. Obviously I can't talk about this show without pissing anyone off, no matter how hard I try to be careful with my words. So I'm not gonna talk about it on this site anymore, at least when it comes to my opinion on it. I'm better suited to talk about Loud House, Gumball and Simpsons than I am this show.


...before I get excited, I'm gonna speculate as to what each segment is gonna be about.


ARRGH You For Real?: DigiCartoonist99, if this segment has that second plot you came up with... this may very well end up being one of my top 5 favorite episodes/segments of the show. Especially considering my mental breakdown after Party Down and my fake, overly-positive review of Room With a Feud.

Garage Banned:
Is L is For Love really not enough Luna for a while? I mean, can't we just let the fandom's excitement over the reveal of her being gay die down a bit before we put out another Luna segment? Assuming this is another Luna segment, of course.

Job Insecurity:
Another game-changer, eh? #TheHypeIsReal

Change of Heart:
Yes, I would LOVE this to be about Clyde getting over Lori and going after Penelope instead.

...come to think of it, I don't remember a single moment Clyde had the hots for Lori since Shell Shock. Hmm... yeah, now I want this to be a Calliope segment. I'll be disappointed if it's anything else.

Health Kicked:
This'll probably be a segment about the family going on a healthy food diet. In that case, I can't wait to see the comedic possibilities to come from it. And I hope it's written by the goddess duo.

Lynn-er Takes All:
WILL NEVER SACRIFICE THEIR WILL all seriousness, I hope this one is awesome. Lynn could really use some development, perhaps showing us more than just the athelete side of her. And she needs more love, especially considering No Such Luck.


Overall... #TheHypeIsLoudAndReal.
Well, it's time yet again to speculate.

ARRGH! You For Real?: At first I thought this would be about pirates, but now remembering about the show that Lincoln and Clyde love, I have a feeling this could either be two things: Lincoln getting to starr in an episode of ARRGH!, or Lincoln being massively disappointed in an ARRGH! episode, yet doesn't want to show it because of the overly postive reception it's getting from his friends. Either way, should be fun

Garrage Banned: Please Be About Luna, Please Be About Luna, PLEASE BE ABOUT LUNA...

Job Insecurity: I heard once that this apprently is gonna be a game-changer for the show according to Chris Savino. If you don't know what I'm talking about, here's what it is:…

Change Of Heart: If this is the episode Clyde gets over his crush with Lori, I'm a bit nervous if it has a "Status Quo Is God" ending. Hopefully it doesn't.

Health Kicked: Not sure what to expect TBH..

Lynn-er Takes It All: Okay, PLEASE let this be the episode to fix Lynn's reputation in the fandom. Because I'm tired of people treating her as some kind of monster...

embedded_item1498053950151 by DigiCartoonist99
...I'm not buying it. At this point, bronies seem to like anything. Not saying that to bash anyone who likes the show, but... it really does seem to me that the bronies who still like the show will accept literally ANYTHING to come out of it. Even as someone that likes a lot of modern Simpsons episodes, I don't just blindly accept that I'm gonna like whatever I see out of it.

The first reaction to the MLP: FiM episode The Perfect Pear that I'd heard:

"The show has never been so real. I had to take a break afterwards to take it all in. Like it was Bojack Horseman or something."

....The hype has never been so real.
So I was looking at my list of watchers, and I saw that Matrooko11 decided to never reactivate his DA account, and it is now closed forever. I miss having him as a watcher now. :(
DEEcat98, if you're ever reading this, I want to let you know that it is painful for me to watch you destroy your reputation. Not just because I hate watching people do stupid things, but because I myself almost destroyed my reputation last month.

I tried to build up hype for Relative Chaos, by getting "The Loud Will Conquer The Universe" (I won't do another hashtag of that phrase here) to trend. It got to the point where I was so desperate to get it to trend, so desperate to build up hype, that I was bashing Steven Universe, calling it 'crap' and 'garbage' compared to The Loud House, when, in reality, I don't think that at all. I may not be a Steven Universe fan, but I do think it is a really good show. I even called Mr. Greg a Commendable Cartoon, and placed it as #6 on my top 10 favorite animations of 2016.

Then I posted that stupid poster that said "The Loud Will Conquer The Universe" on this site, and it made everyone angry. And when I saw how annoyed I made my friend DigiCartoonist99, I realized I went too far, and I felt horrible. But you know what? I'm glad he called me out. Had he not called me out, I probably would've ended up doing something that caused a fandom war. And let me tell you, if I did... I don't think I would be able to live with myself.

I will forever feel grateful to have DC99 as a friend, for that very reason. If it wasn't for him, I would probably be remembered as "that guy who started the war between fandoms". So I'm gonna pay it forward, and call you out for your behavior.

You are being immature. We do not need a flame war happening, let alone caused intentionally. It's bad enough you won't respect people's opinions, but to actually want to cause a flamewar over your opinion (which I hear was formed without you even actually watching One Flu), calling such a thing stupid, is an understatement. Especially considering how bad a reputation the Loud House fandom has. Not to mention I think it's ridiculous that you of all people think you would hate the segment, considering your love of sneezes.

I want you to think about what you're doing, before you ruin your reputation even further. And maybe realize that what you're doing is beyond crazy. That way, I can consider whether or not I want to re-watch you after all the drama you caused.

Please. I hate to watch you do this. :(



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Phoenix Rainier Storm
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I review stuff. And occasionally draw stuff.

There are four forms of animation: 2D (either hand-drawn or Flash), CGI, stop motion and puppetry.

It is not a crime to have a minority opinion. In fact, any minority opinion you have on anything, shows that you have an interesting way of looking at something in a way no one else did.

P.R. Storm's Personality Type Results

I think now would be a good time to explain what I meant in my status update yesterday, when I said that 'bronies will accept anything', and why I said what I said.

I've been really annoyed by all those people, mostly on Mr. Enter's page, saying stuff about the My Little Pony movie, like 'it's gonna be the highest-grossing animated film of the year' and 'it's gonna be one of the best animated films of the decade'. I hate it when people overhype stuff like that. I hate it when people overhype stuff in general. It was overhyping that killed my enjoyment of The Lion King when I watched it for my first time a few weeks ago.

And it's not just with the movie. The fandom in general seems to overhype pony-related stuff a lot. Like calling To Where and Back Again 'Pony Suicide Squad'. Or saying that every character redemption is deserved and well-done. Or saying every season finale is 'the best episode ever'. I guess part of this has to do with my passionate opinions on various aspects of the show, which I won't get into here since I don't want to piss anyone off again.

And then I saw that one comment PowerpuffPony1 highlighted, comparing one of the season 7 episodes to BoJack Horseman. As a fan of that show (in fact, BoJack is my second-favorite show of this decade, behind Gumball and ahead of Gravity Falls), and... not as big a fan of MLPFIM, that comment kind of caused my frustration to boil over, leading to me making that comment that implied I think current bronies are just fanboys who like anything to come out of the show. When I didn't mean it that way at all.

What I'm trying to say is, I hate it when people overhype stuff, and bronies, in my opinion, are especially guilty of doing it. Overhype is the best way to get someone disappointed about anything. And that doesn't just go for positive reviews; that goes for negative reviews, too. A lot of people said Ghostbusters 2016 was gonna be one of the worst movies ever, and, wouldn't you know it, a lot of people actually thought it was okay.

That's all I'm gonna say for now. That and these hashtags.

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